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Welcome to the 101 Authority Blog Resource page, a curated list of the tools and websites I strongly recommend for building and optimizing your business.

I’m working as a Freelancer, Entrepreneur, and Affiliate Marketer. So, I have used a wide range of necessary and useful resources for various projects.

In this post, I’m eager to list down the resources I’m using for my projects.

I only recommended products or services that I have used and tested myself, but of course, check them out for yourself first and see if they are a good fit for your business needs and goals.

Before digging into the awesome resources I know and trust, an important disclosure.


Outsourcing Marketplace:

upworkUpwork: You do not have to do much to get your job done. I started my freelancing career with oDesk but after the marge between Elance and oDesk and inventing Upwork, I became a regular user of Upwork. You can find freelancers to tackle any job, any size, anytime. This is their motto to give you the wider range of service from mobile programming, graphic design and full-fledged software development to 500- word blog post to support your business.

PeoplePerHourPeoplePerHour: In 2016, it has become obvious for the freelancer to think of the alternative of the regular miscellaneous freelancing. PPH is a well-known website that provides a great deal of service with a minimum service charge. I started to spread my activity in PPH earlier this year and it has been a great experience. The specialty of this site is that it offers service in hourly basis. But you can request the follow-on proposal if you are satisfied with their work. I mostly used to hire a freelancer.


Payment processing

paypalPayoneer: Payoneer makes it easier for the freelancers to pay or get paid globally through some easy going tools and systems. It is a fast, flexible and secure system with low service charge that’s why freelancers and professionals around 200+ country are getting beneficial with their service. Payoneer’s most used services are Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard, Payoneer US Payment Service, and Payoneer Global Bank Transfer Service. If you don’t have a Payoneer account yet, I highly recommend opening a Payoneer account today.

payoneerPayPal: PayPal is an easier and safer way to make the transaction in online. In PayPal, you do not have to disclose your financial details to your clients just your name and e-mail address is what you need to make the money transferred. And most importantly, it sets online payments and lets you send an invoice to the clients directly. Payment transaction can be occurred in both via credit card and mobile phone.

western unionWestern Union: I use western union to receive payment from my client. The Western Union is safe and secure to receive payment from the global client within a certain limit. But If you want to receive a chunk amount than Bank transfer is the better option.

local bankLocal Bank Account: A Local Bank account is mandatory to maintain the payment transactions. What I do is accumulate all my earning to my Payoneer account and transfer them to my local account once in a month.


Themes and Plugins

themeforestThemeForest: I mainly use this website for varieties of templates, themes for the platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. It was listed in the top 100 most visited websites from the Alexa.


Domain & Hosting

go dadyGoDaddy: I bought almost 90% of my domains from Godaddy. Mainly because they have coupon discount codes all the time, which you can use to register a new domain for around $1. Next year, when you have to renew your name, guess what, you can again find a renewal coupon and renew your domain for less than $10. Awesome right? Further, If you used Paypal, you will get an additional discount code from PayPal to purchase from GoDaddy.

blue host BlueHost Hosting: I use this for the domain name purpose and it is extremely cheap. Only $3.49/month non-contractual hosting package will provide you unlimited features without any gimmicks. I absolutely RECOMMEND Bluehost. So if you want to make a successful online presence you can take the BlueHost Service. It will help you establish quality and productivity in online.


Blogging Software and Plugins

wordpressWordPress (Self Hosted): Self-hosted WordPress allows you to have your own domain name so that you can use online domain search tools to make your website more professional and dependable. You can use thousands of plugins and themes available by which you can customize your own design. And most importantly, this is SEO beneficial. Self-hosted WordPress gives you freedom to improve your website by creating backlinks. You do not have to stay under the shadow of the WordPress.

Yoast SeoYoast SEO (WordPress SEO): Formerly known as WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best thing going on the in the WordPress SEO plugin. It incorporates real to me page analysis and snippet editor that helps you optimize your content, Meta descriptions, image titles and other features. Needless to say, SEO is mandatory to rank your page in google. To improve your rank in google index, install your Toast SEO plugin as soon as possible.

Social SeoEasy Social Share Buttons for WordPress: Best social sharing plugin on the market. Just a single plugin, the 40 of the major social networks social media sharing is opened up to you. By this you can increase and grow your profile, share your contents, build links and drive more traffics. And if you want to explore further, you’ll discover a bundle of modules and features that included: media sharing options, followers counter and Social Profiles modules, Built-in modules for Social media metrics, Google Analytics tracking and much more.

blue hostLogin Security Solutions – Stop your WP being hacked or compromised: It will secure you from brute attacks by tracking IP, name, password; requiring very strong passwords. Idle timeout. Maintenance mode lockdown without in convincing users and administration. So if any account gets about to hacked or breached. The ‘user’ will immediately be logged out and forced to use password reset utility of WordPress.

blue hostContact Form 7 – Simple contact forms to add to your site: It is useful to manage multiple contact forms also it helps you to customize the form and contents easily with the simple makeover. Contact Form 7 plugin allows you to save all submitted from ‘contact from 7’ to the database. It takes few minutes to set up and put them on the contact page. To add the contact form in your site effectively, Contact Form 7 is highly recommended.


Content Marketing Tools and Promotion

blue hostBuzzsumo: Buzzsumo gives you the updated information about the content area and concerning about the competitors. I use buzz sumo to find the market influencers for my niche site. It is a very useful site to find out the viral topics easily.

blue hostHootSuite: Very simple tool to schedule the social media activities. By this tool, I make the early schedule for the posts I am going to share at the night and the days I stay busy with other works. It is very useful when you have many projects going on. You do not have to spend much time in social media marketing.

blue hostManageFilter: It is a tool for the twitter marketers. When I first started my manual promotion, I had to follow tons of people on twitter. Sometimes the following lists became double than the follower list. So to detect the people who do not follow back, I used the ManageFilter to flash the non-followers.

blue hostSumoMe: SumoMe is useful for the increase of the website traffic. For premium users it has lots of features includes sharing tools, a heat map, list building tools, highlighters, smart bars, and much more. By using free version you can still brand your website and get more traffics.

blue hostTweepi: Tweepi is another twitter promotion tool. It will help you to manage more people who are interested in your blog. You can find thousands of individuals who could be your follower.

blue hostBitly: Bitly is a nice tool for the short linking. Sometimes in social media promotion, the broad link causes trouble especially in twitter where you can only put a limited word to tweet. Bitly will save your space and will give it more professional look.


E-mail Marketing Tools

blue hostMailChimp: From my personal experience MailChimp is one of the few tools that you will find useful for your email marketing. MailChimp makes powerful email and e-commerce marketing products that design, send and share email newsletters. Also, they provide marketing automation and analytics tools with hundreds of popular applications and services.

blue hostSumoMe: A good tool with multiple essential features for the marketers. The features include the plugin that makes it easy for your visitors to join the email list. It includes social sharing buttons, heat maps, welcome mat, scroll box, the smart bar, highlighter, list builder, Image sharer and content analytics to track down your websites and more. This feature is highly recommended for the niche marketers.


Google & SEO Tools:

blue hostGoogle Analytics – Track your traffic and split test pages: It is a freemium web analytics offered by Google. The main purpose is to track and report the web traffics. Google Analytics’ approach is to launch high-end, dashboard-type for the regular users. They can identify the poorly performing pages, their e-commerce reports show the transactions, revenue and other business related metrics. It helps understand the attitude of component groups of users apart from the total population.

blue hostGoogle Webmaster: It’s currently named as Google Search Console. It allows checking the indexing status and the optimization of visibility of their websites. It has some killer features that allows webmasters: submit and check sitemap, set the crawl rate, view statistics of the timing of Google bot’s access to the specific site, list down the internal and external links for the site, webmasters can set a preferred domain for their site and much more.

blue hostGoogle Keyword planner: It is a free product from Google AdWords that helps to build new Search Network campaigns or customize existing campaigns. It helped me to get ad group idea and keywords, keyword trend, bidding, and competitions etc. Two types of data in Keyword planner is being used: Historic data and Predictive Data.

blue hostAhrefs: Website analysis toolset for SEOs and affiliate marketing professionals with biggest and updated database for backlinks. After shutting down the site explorer in 2011, Ahrefs took the backlinking analysis to a different level. The uniqueness is that Ahrefs’s technology allows updating the index in every 15 minutes and captures 1.6 trillion unique external backlinks.

blue hostSEMRush: They are sworn to make online marketing more transparent and user-friendly and less competitive for everyone. SEMRush is the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing. They are mainly the market leader in their niche. Their online marketing software is undoubtedly best. They provide features like Organic Research, PLA Research, Domain vs Domain, Advertising Research, Keyword Research, AdSense, and Backlinks, site audit, position tracking and much more.

blue An all in one SEO package.


Photo and Image Galleries

FotoliaFotolia: Fotolia is a medium of premium photo users to download unique photo and images. I am using it for last six month and very enjoying its unlimited photo download services that give my content a new look of professionalism.

blue hostAdobeStock: I used this in 2015 and suddenly stopped using it. Not for its service but for the limited photo download options and high price for unlimited users. Otherwise, it provides the photo with very regulation and updated.

blue hostFlickr: Same as previous two websites. Using Flickr is also a great experience. You will be able to find pictures with your tempo and can put it in the commercial use.


Content Quality Checking

blue hostCopyScape: Copyscape is the priority 1 content quality checking tools.

blue hostGrammarly: Awesome tool for the grammar checking. It can mark the in-depth mistakes of grammar and gives a recommendation of the right answer. Its suggestion is 95% accurate and this is the best thing going on in the grammar checking tool market right now.So these were my helping hand to come to this stage and still going on with my full strength. I reckon this tool helps us more than any employees that could do this job manually over the year. Some of it is irreplaceable and have no alternatives. Also, these tools save your time and money and give you an opportunity to go a long way without much trouble.

blue hostReadability Score: Measure and improve the readability and marketing content of your writing with our exclusive readability and keyword tools!


Miscellaneous Tools

blue hostAwesome Screenshot: Very useful software for taking the screenshot and making JPEG or PING format. I’ve been using it for one year and till now I didn’t think about any alternatives.