How I Made 2000$ Just After First Month on PPH?

For freelancers, marketplace matters – in fact, it matters a lot! No one can deny this fact.

By joining a marketplace and making a handsome amount of money within a very short time is not an easy task. A lot of tasks ahead – Creating a brandable profile, bidding for the jobs, building a reputation, networking with the client, making trusted and satisfy your clients – these all are necessary things do to earn a handsome amount of money.

But if I say NO! It’s NOT that hard as it sounds! Making money on Marketplace is relatively easy. Maybe it will take some longer time for some cases but it is way more possible if you just follow my formulas.

In this article, I’ll show you how I made over 2000$ just after the first month on PeoplePerHour (PPH).


Reasons Behind Joining at PPH:

From July 2013 – May 2016, until was shut down, I was one of the top rated freelancers on Elance of my categories – Admin support, Sales & Marketing.

After Elance merged with oDesk and formed a new company Upwork Global Inc, I was frustrated, hopeless and I felt like I lost my freelancing career. Because on Elance, I was able to earn 5k-8k (USD) every month. However, I have barely touched 2k landmark on Upwork till today.

On Elance, I had worked with more than 350 projects with 200 clients from all over the world. Below is the screenshot of my Elance profile.

Muhammad Monir Hossain Elance

12 Months Income on Elance
Lifetime Income on Elance

Click the link if you want to see my full Elance profile. Unfortunately, It’s still live but not accessible as they redirect all the hit to Upwork platform.

Basically, I hate Upwork as much as I loved Elance. So, I was desperately looking for alternative income sources and thanks, God I found PPH.

Let’s make this long story short, a few months ago in a freelancer community MeetUp program held in Dhaka, Bangladesh – I heard about PPH and its advantages. After the MeetUp when I back home that day, I was trying to do some research about PPH. After a short research, I found PPH have a great EU based client community, both Hourly & Fixed price working plan exist exactly as it was on Elance.

Also, I was extremely convinced when found the freelancer “ability to send invoice” anytime to the client which is not available at Upwork till today. But it was available on Elance. And if you lead a team or run a freelancing agency – you must know how convenient this features for the agency.

So, I jumped over PPH and crafted a professional looks profile by copying my Upwork and Elance profile data. And it all took me less than 15 minutes to complete my profile.

I started bidding on the job shortly after completing my profile. And within a very short time, I got my first hourly client which was beyond my expectation.


My PPH Achievements After the First Month of Joining:

1. Earned 2000$ Landmark: Yes, it’s fact and I made over 2000$ on PPH within my first month of joining. Here is the screenshot of my invoices from my PPH Dashboard. Invoices Invoices

The majority of the income, almost 60%, came from my old Elance clients, 20% Upwork client, 10% PPH client and 10% Referral program.

As I had worked with more than 200 clients on Elance – I personally contacted them to join PPH under Zero Service fee promotional offer.

If you are wondering how clients from Elance came here on PPH or don’t know what is zero promotional offer them I recommend you to read this article – How to Avoid 20% + 2.75% Upwork fees?

Here is the breakdown of my income: Invoices Invoices

2. Acquired CERT-5, Ranked 3922: PPH recently introduced the ranking algorithm – which is awesome. If you are not familiar with the CERT, it is to reward the higher quality and relevant talent up in the rank. Before this, their selection of seller was based on the bill that worked through the site and the buyer rating and feedbacks. It limits the quality workers and the factor is ranking always gives us an impression about the good, bad or ugly.

So this is the first thing you have to focus. Make your CERT level high. If you want to see my CERT level crossed level five and ranked me as 3922nd.

My Dashboard CERT

Please be noted, this CERT level is not a permanent data and its change every day based on the different parameter. If you want to learn more about PPH CERT algorithm – I recommend you to read PPH new ranking algorithm.

And now see my invoice with the amount I earned in last month. Some of the payment is yet to collect but total 2270.90$ is my first month’s earning in the PPH. Is Sound crazy, right? See for yourself:

3. Completed 5 Projects, Almost all 5 stars: I have completed 5 projects till today, and received 5 stars rating for all the jobs. One thing I must tell you here – the client I met on PPH are truly awesome. They leave a 5-star review without being melodramatic compared to the client I met on Upwork.

4. 95% Completion rate: My job success rate is 96% till today.

5. 90$ Referral Commission: Also, I received 90$ referral commission. This is an another awesome program on PPH. You can earn some extra bucks if someone joins on PPH with your referral link. If you wish to join at PPH with my PPH referral link click here.


Tips to Be Successful on PPH:

Check out the things that is known as basic principals in PPH for the new freelancers.
1. Build your profile to the extent that buyers can find you easily for the job. Fill your profile with the achievement of your freelancing career. Make your clients comfortable in your profile to offer you a job.

2. At the beginning do not hesitate for a job. Take the job does not matter what amount they pay.

3. Bid for the job within your expertise. If you are accountant, bid for accounting related stuff does not bid for the job that requires a skill you do not have. Negative feedback is bad for business.

4. Look at the other successful profile. Follow them roughly.

5. PPH allows the sellers to send the direct proposal to the buyers on the listed job. Search for the relevant job list every day and you only have 15 chance to submit your proposal so do not waste it to the irrelevant job list.

6. Hourly is a unique feature in PPH. This is the quickest way to earn money. Try to be sufficient in Hourly services. It will help you a lot that you can barely imagine.

7. Work for the fair price. Competitors are so much skilled in this marketplace. At the initial, do not think you have demanded to the clients. Work for them in cheap price to make relationship and reputation through your quality work.

8. Meet every one of your client’s expectations. Let them know you believe in quality staffs and can deliver the way they want to be delivered. Try to get a 5-star feedback.

9. Finish the job, get paid, and make your profile more improved and professional.



Things got to change when oDesk and Elance created a joint venture company named Upwork. That time oDesk and Elance was two top competitors in the marketplace but they thought that merge would be a great opportunity for them to seize the market. But in some extent, they settled all the detail and decided that they need to make the whole brand differently. But they kind of messed it up. Their slow network (that they publicly admitted that they couldn’t fix the problem), their system outage every day makes it difficult nowadays to work efficiently in Upwork. Also, their new service charge structure that barely make sense to the freelancers.

That’s why after one year of bitter try I had to move on to the different marketplace to seek something more comfortable for working condition. I tried, Guru, PeoplePerHour for some time and gathered knowledge about the marketplace.

It is your turn now; I’ve just shown you the evidence that you can make enough money within a short time in PPH. Why’s not giving it a try where you even have an opportunity of getting a 0% service charge. Take a challenge and run for it. Happy freelancing.

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