Fiverr and PPH the Difference from a User Perspective

Does PPH is like Fiverr?

At Fiverr, Freelancers offer gig and at PPH they sell Hourly. In general, Both gig and Hourly are the same things with two different names.  So they seem to be same marketplaces, right?

But they are NOT same – they have a clearly distinguishable difference in terms of features and functionalities – we are going to explore them with this article.

When someone enters into the freelance industry he always looks for an easy entry and Fiverr is the first choice that case. But that is merely a level one for the freelancers.

Fiverr is a popular site for the initiation. On the other hand, practically or theoretically PPH or hourly can make you more money.

Let’s see what defines them as unique marketplace in the industry:

Unique features of PeoplePerHour (PPH):

  • Best thing you can find in PPH is their quality. Which is tend to be ahead of the curve?
  • What the sector you are working, you will always find something to work in PPH. There is thousands of jobs are being posted 24/7.
  • If you are an employer, you will receive 20-30 job application within six hours of posting the job.
  • If you are a freelancer, you will be able to submit 15 job application a day. So if you are an experienced freelancer, it will give you an advantage in that certain field to have expertise.
  • PPH always require genuine membership. That’s why when members make a withdrawal they have to submit some legal documents.
  • They have an Escrow function where they can hold their money between a jobs starting to job being completed.

Personal Experience of Working in PPH: I’m new in PPH but that didn’t disrupt my learning flow. In my first month on PPH, I had 2000$ income. You can check my article where I disclosed how I made 2000$ just after first month on PPH.


Unique features of Fiverr:

  • You are mistaking if you think $5 is a small amount to start working in Fiverr.
  • It is a huge marketplace. For an experienced Gig, it has some advantages. As you are growing your reputation as well as your level, you will be offered the job with Gig Multiples and Gig Extras.
  • If you are good at writing with other sorts of small and necessary staffs, Fiverr’s payment plan will suit you. If writing a 500-word article takes you 30 minutes, then $5 is not bad at all.
  • Fiverr takes 20% of the service fees, which seems irrational.
  • No tax report or earning summaries to submit.
  • Only payment methods they accept are PayPal or a Payoneer MasterCard (Special).

Personal Experience of Working in Fiverr: I mostly use Fiverr to buy services like SEO, backlinks, Blog articles – they seems good for the price I paid for. Nevertheless, Fiverr is easier to navigate and much more user-friendly than PPH.

But the fact is, Fiverr is a marketplace where you can sell anything that you are good at. Even you can put your forecasting ability in job list for $5.


PeoplePerHour vs. Fiverr

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Fiver or PPH? Could Be Best for The Business?

I found PPH a new revolutionary marketplace where anything can possible. I saw the determination there. ‘You get what you pay for.’ It gave me a professional impression because they required legal documents and references to ensure your quality. It is the place where higher payment job is available, alternatively curated highly skilled freelancer available for your project for the buyer. Which attract the western buyers who want quality services.

On the other hand, Fiverr is a special one. They made a great feature of $5 per work but it also creates obstacles. People post everything on Fiverr. There is a higher probability of finding garbage on Fiverr. You have to have experience about Fiverr to shine in Fiverr. They do not require documents or legalization for the individuals.

That’s why it is so common that people will fake their identity. Fiverr’s customer support is great, for a more open marketplace, people are trustworthy.

In this rival, some of the features like Logo ideas, article writing, and quality back linking, copywriting and translation you can roughly rely on Fiverr. But except for this, PPH is more reliable than Fiverr. It is a trustworthy and more professional marketplace where experienced and quality work matters.


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