Bad News! WOW.js is Not WOW Anymore!

Last week, We submitted an impressive HTML design to ThemeForest for review. ThemeForest reviewer refused to review the item due to the following reasons.

“Assets used in item previews need to be properly licensed for commercial use. As the asset is not being resold or redistributed, you will not need a re-sale or re-distribution license as you would for use of that asset in the main file. However, you will still need a license for a commercial use (reproduction) for use within the preview. It’s important to read each license of any asset you’re intending to use carefully to make sure your use of the asset complies with the license terms.”

Like us, I believe many of the Envato community members also received the same email from ThemeForest. At first, we didn’t find what License they are asking for because all the elements we used for the product was free and there was no explicit indication about the non-licensed asset.

However, after spending a week on research, participating in the discussion on different forums, finally, we discovered that we need to buy wow.js license for the product.

It’s an atrocious news for the designer and developer community! WOW.js is not wow anymore! You have to buy the license if you want to use it; does not matter if you’re going to use it for a single site or integrating it into your product for selling on ThemeForest.


The author introduced two types of wow.js license for the product:

(1) Developer License: It will cost you 29$, and you can use it for a single site project.

(2) Commercial Team License: It will cost you 99$ for the lifetime. You need to buy wow.js license, If you want to use it to develop commercial sites, themes, projects, and applications, the Commercial license is the appropriate license. With this option, your source code is kept proprietary.

buy wow.js license

You can buy the license from (not from ThemeForest) and here the wow.js purchase link.

If you have any question, you can ask the wow.js developer Matthieu Aussaguel directly via his verified Twitter page Matt Aussaguel. I hope he will answer your question, and he seems very active on Twitter (10.3k Tweets when we publish this post on Dec 2016).


Is this your first time learning about wow.js? WOW.js is a fantastic javascript script that takes advantage of CSS3 animations to animate & reveal HTML elements when they’re scrolled into view.  If you want to know more about wow.js, you can visit the pages below:


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