Muhammad Monir Hossain

Muhammad Monir Hossain

Hi, My name is Muhammad Monir Hossain; a 34-year-old, Freelancer, Entrepreneur, Marketing geek and Technology Enthusiast. I started my freelancing in June 2013 and until today, I have worked with more than 350 clients from all over the world.

Before choosing freelancing as my ONLY income source, I used to have a full-time job in a multinational telecom vendor company, headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. I was working there as a project manager and my main responsibility was managing vendors, clients and leading a in-house engineering team of 15 people.

At present, I founded a digital agency and we are helping clients to build business online by building website, branding and marketing. The team size is almost 35 top notch professionals with different titles such as php programmers, WordPress Expert and Creative Designers. We also design and develop digital product and sell them on ThemeForest marketplace, click here to see the ThemeForest portfolio.

Nevertheless, I also own an email testing/verification platform with 20,000 active users each month and growing. I’m also involved in some other local and international businesses.


I don’t know any magic to earn money online and I haven’t found any magical formula rather my handwork, professionalism and commitment to my clients help to reach where I am today.


Why 101Authority Blog?

From March 2016, I started building niche site project, primarily focusing to promote amazon products. I already built two niche sites and currently working with another couple of site. I will share my experience, tips and tricks of my Internet marketing journey in this blog. Nevertheless, I will post articles on Freelancing, SEO and affiliate Marketing on this 101 Authority Blog, so stay tuned!


Some highlight about me!

1. I received BASIS Outsourcing Award 2015 which is the most prestigious award for outsourcing professional in my country. My total annual revenue was approximately USD 150K, for the single year 2015.

2. I am an intermediate level affiliate marketer and I love to learn and teach Internet marketing tips and tricks with IM community.

3. I’m the Founder and CEO of Percula Technology, a software outsourcing firm operating a business since 2015.

4. As a CEO of Percula Technology, I have worked for more than 350 Individuals/ companies from all over the worlds.

5. I was the project Manager in a telecom vendor company from 2008 – 2013.

6. In my personal life – I’m married, father of 1 daughter (5) and 1 son (1). I’m living in a joint family with my brother with his family and parents.


I’m Social

I’m active on Social Media Sites; Find and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin.

Thanks for checking out my story, I appreciate it! If you have anything more to say or have any query, just drop me a mail at mmhossain458@gmail.com. I reply every single email I receive, so don’t be shy to reach me out!!

Muhammad Monir Hossain
Founder, 101Authority Blog